Greetings -
My name is Ellen Rubin, and I am thrilled that you've found my site. I am a certified Special Education - Kindergarten through 12th grade teacher with a Bachelor's of Education Degree in Art Therapy and a Master's Degree in Art Education and Glass. I was fortunate to study under international and national artists; particularly, internationally acclaimed Printmaker Sidney Chafetz for three years. I was also privileged to work with M.C. Escher, world famous perspective artist whose work you will surely recognize. In addition, I took private oil painting lessons for five years from painting artist Miriam Silverman in Toledo.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys every minute of my existence. I built my home studio so I could spend time at home designing glass creations to exhibit and sell. My home is my art gallery with an eclectic mix of glassworks of all kinds. I have created many art pieces for exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art, various out of state galleries and shows, and I participate in art shows, selling my creations from time to time.
About Me

My specialty is in the area of glass fusing, which is the process of 'melting' one or more pieces of glass or glass particles together in a kiln to create beautiful works of art. My studio is fully equipped with all the latest tools and equipment required to create wonderful works of glass art, including many stencils and photos for inspiration. 

Check out my classes and rates for beginners to advanced designers. There's something for everyone.

Take a minute to cruise through my gallery to see several pieces that I've created, along with beautiful works by some of my students. There will be some that you may want to try your hand at as well. The best part of creating these one-of-a-kind works of art is just that...every one of them is unique. Just as we are all unique, in my studio there are no two pieces of glass art that come out the same.